DC 550











Tough, fast multi-purpose aluminum work boat

The DC 550 has a very wide operational field capable of running in both open and inshore shallow waters. This is due to the waterjet propulsion system and the special hull designed with a well-racked deep V entry for comfortable running in rough waters with the deadrise falling, as the hull runs aft, to a light V angle of 10°. The shape of the hull and the waterjet propulsion system, which doesn't have any parts protruding from the keel, allows the boat to operate in only 30 cm of water. The aluminum construction grants the possibility of easy repair almost anywhere.


  • Length o.a.: 6,34 m
  • Length hull: 5,62 m
  • Beam max.: 2,25 m
  • Height max.: 1,20 m
  • Hull type: Monohedric Medium V with 10° at transom
  • Hull construction material: Aluminum
  • Engine: 150 mHP Yanmar diesel
  • Propulsion system: Castoldi waterjet unit type Turbodrive 240 H.C. with hydraulic clutch
  • Boat weight: 1.220 kg (empty with oil and water in the engine and oil in the waterjet)
  • Top speed: 35 knots light loaded - 27 knots full loaded
  • Draft (full loaded): 0,34 m (standstill) - 0,15 m (top speed)