The new Turbodrive 240 H.C.T. waterjet

by Admin on September 14, 2020

We are pleased to announce the start of production of the new Turbodrive 240 H.C.T. model which supersedes in the range the Turbodrive 240 H.C.

The main Turbodrive 240 H.C.T. components have been redesigned using the most advanced and recent CFD softwares so to achieve even higher performance than before. The static and dynamic thrusts are significantly increased as well as the resistance to cavitation thanks to the new micro-cast 4 blades axial flow impeller made in AISI 316 L stainless steel. The new nozzle increases the steering sensitivity allowing tight turns with a very limited loss of speed.

Turbodrive 240 H.C.T. is a compact, light weight and high-performance waterjet suitable for civil, work and military boats, which redefines the quality and performance standards of the category.