turbodrive 400 H.C.T.

Dimensional Drawing


The new high efficiency H.C.T. family expands with the introduction of the Turbodrive 400 H.C.T. representing the culmination of more than 60 years in manufacturing waterjet propulsion systems.
Turbodrive 400 H.C.T. features new hydrodynamics for increased thrust, enhanced performance and propulsive efficiency both at low and high speed.
The steering system has been redesigned to increase the precision and reduce the speed loss in turn. While the new reversing bucket geometry, together with increased hydraulic power, allows for a prompt and efficient crash-stop maneuver.
Turbodrive 400 H.C.T. is perfectly interchangeable with the previous model, well renowned for its astonishing performance and widely installed worldwide on commercial, military and pleasure vessels,
allowing for an easy retrofit without any modification to the boat hull.
Turbodrive 400 H.C.T., like all the models of the range, is equipped with many exclusive features such as: the integrated gearbox with many gear ratios available to fine match all engines available on the market in its power range, the superior Clear-Duct unclogging system that combines the back-flushing with the intake grid opening to offer the ultimate cleaning of the waterjet duct and a wide choice of control systems including the advanced electronic ACES.
Turbodrive 400 H.C.T. moves a further step forward towards a new waterjet propulsion era demanding even higher performance.

Technical Characteristics

Impeller diameter
400 mm at the inlet

Dry weight
509 kg including gearbox, hydraulic clutch,
water intake, duct, anodes and levers

Integrated gearbox
With N. 21 gear ratios available

Input power
Up to 882 kW (1.200 mHP)

Coupling kit samples