jet tender 14 RB / SOLAS

1 Removable backrest

2 Orange painted keel area

3 One only direction water scuppers

4 Ski hook

5 Professional Castoldi waterjet drive with Durethan impeller

6 Removable orange patch

7 Fast release hook activation handle

8 Castoldi stainless steel single lever box for the mechanical control of the engine rpm with integrated switch for electric/hydraulic reversing bucket control

9 Recessed single point lifting eye

10 Inspectable and extractable stainless steel 62 l fuel tank

11 Removable orange patch

Technical Characteristics

Length o.a.
4.25 m
Beam max.
2.08 m
Height max. at bow
1.04 m
Passengers (SOLAS Directive)
No. 5+1
Design (C.E. Directive)
110 mHP Yanmar diesel SOLAS
Propulsion system
Castoldi waterjet unit type Jet 05 with mechanical clutch and movable grid
Boat weight
803 kg (empty with oil and water in the engine and oil in the waterjet)
Fuel capacity
62 l
Carrying capacity
552 kg
Top speed
33.5 knots light loaded - 28 knots full loaded


Single skin structure, hand laid Kevlar
and vinylester fire retardant resin

Deck, console
Sandwich structure, hand laid glass and vinylester
fire retardant resin with nidaplast core

Stringer System
Sandwich structure, hand laid Kevlar and vinylester
fire retardant resin with polyurethane closed cell foam core

Inflatable tube
Hypalon/Neoprene coated polyester fabric 1100 Dtex
with No. 5+1 (B.I.S.S.) separate airtight compartments