turbodrive 284 L.V.T.

Dimensional Drawing


L.V. stands for Light Version.
This TD 284 variant is offered without the built-in hydraulic multi-disc clutch and the electric/hydraulic control of the movable debris screen grid which is replaced with a mechanically operated one.
The result is a cost effective, tough, top performance unit. The integrated gearbox with a wide range of ratios, makes it suitable for all the engines available on the market and the perfect choice to match electric motors.

Technical Characteristics

Impeller diameter
282 mm at the inlet

Dry weight
190 kg including gearbox, hydraulic clutch,
water intake, duct, anodes and levers

Integrated gearbox
With N. 25 gear ratios available

Input power
Up to 441 kW (600 mHP)

Coupling kit samples